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Shelving units, custom framing for home theatres and modern fireplace mantles are just a few ways to create a stunning, warm space for family and friends to gather.

Today’s modern living spaces extend beyond traditional family rooms. Imagine having all the amenities of the office at home. Custom cabinetry for your office will revolutionize your life, creating an elegantly efficient work environment. Enhance your productivity and stay organized with thoughtfully engineered solid wood desks and exquisite built-ins created for how you work. 

Your laundry room and mudroom have unrealized potential, too! Extend your living space with efficient storage and custom dimensions for frequently used or oddly sized spaces. 



Natural light meets cozy ambiance

Step into a haven of light and warmth, where details and texture are bathed in the glow of natural radiance and thoughtfully curated to blend with daily life's rhythm. Here, the allure of casual colour meets the comfort of familiarity as the vibrant fire dances against a backdrop of serene tranquillity.


Embracing the abundance of natural light, we invited rich grey and white oak accents to warm the home's hearth. With the TV often commanding attention, our design philosophy was simple: seamlessly integrate it into the fireplace feature, creating a harmonious focal point that draws the eye without overpowering the space.

Davidson Living Room
Davidson Living Room

Shiplap details lend a touch of texture and charm, anchoring the room with understated elegance. Sturdy white oak floating shelves provide the perfect canvas for cherished keepsakes and family photos. With integrated pot lights casting a gentle glow, each personal treasure becomes an admired vignette, transforming this space into a gallery of memories and moments to be savoured.


Laundry day reimagined with timeless modern elegance

The client envisioned a space that evoked effortless charm in an impeccably designed laundry room, where every detail was meticulously curated to produce a sense of crispness, cleanliness and airy sophistication that is both inviting and comfortable.

We used traditional elements to blend modern functionality with a rustic allure. A stunning apron sink, a nod to classic farmhouse style, pairs seamlessly with European-style cabinetry construction, marrying old-world charm with contemporary efficiency and organization. 

Decou Laundry Room
Decou Laundry Room
Decou Laundry Room

What truly sets this space apart is the inspired choice of colour - Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray offers a darling pop of colour. With its subtle hints of blue, this fresh grey infuses the room with a sense of tranquillity, transforming that tiresome laundry chore into a retreat to a serene oasis.


With its perfect balance of form and function, this laundry room is not just a place for washing clothes–it’s a sanctuary where style meets substance, and every moment is infused with beauty and grace. Welcome to laundry day, reimagined. 


Unique shelving brings sophistication to entertaining space

This space became an opportunity to focus on decorative elements that serve as essential displays and enhance the homeowners' living room. The design vision included mixing metal with wood, channelling the raw essence of nature in the heart of the family space.


Angled shelves emerge as dynamic canvases, creating an interplay of light and shadow across the pages of open books that invite the viewer closer. 

Black metal shelves stand as bold sentinels, not merely storing firewood but weaving themselves into the fabric of the design as essential as the wood itself. 

Barlochan Living Room
Barlochan Living Room
Barlochan Living Room

The bar area exudes conviviality and charm with a custom hammered bar top crowned by matching brass rails that gleam with timeless elegance. Mercury glass mirrors adorn the back panel to capture natural light in its misty depths, while integrated lighting incorporated into floating shelves casts a soft, inviting glow. Bi-fold doors stand ready to conceal the space when not in use.

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