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Ready to reimagine your bathroom as an orderly, spacious, luxurious spa-like retreat? We make your vision possible with custom vanities, shelves and unique features designed to maximize your space and enhance functionality. 

Barlochan Bathroom


The jack-and-jill vanity has an organic vibe, with grain-matched oak melamine, delicate thin shaker detailing, and brass hardware. It offers durability and ease of maintenance and is ideal for this busy family with active kids.

European-style construction, embracing the natural elements that permeate the rest of the cottage, ensures longevity and practicality without compromising style. 


Modern natural elements blend tranquillity and style 

Barlochan’s bathroom trio is a testament to the beauty of modern natural elements, seamlessly integrated into spaces that exude tranquillity and style.

In the powder room, custom-stained oak takes centre stage in a face frame style vanity, featuring a reeded top and thin shaker drawer faces for a touch of understated elegance.

Elevated design elements blended with curved and squared features to create a captivating juxtaposition, while thoughtful optimization of countertop space ensures both style and function. The vanity base seamlessly merges with the countertop, creating a sense of fluidity.


Barlochan Bathroom


The primary ensuite boasts custom-stained white oak cabinetry that takes on a timeless appeal, with vertical groove panel doors and a traditional face frame style that exudes classic charm.

A stunning custom ceiling-mounted mirror with brass details adds a luxurious frame, elevating the space to new heights of sophistication and refinement.

Barlochan Ensuite
Rosemary Bathroom
Rosemary Text
Rosemary Bathroom


Harmonizing tradition with contemporary flair

The bathroom duo included a facelift for the principal ensuite and the shared kids' bathroom. Each features traditional elements and custom pull-outs for a clean, minimalist look. 

Tradition meets contemporary functionality in the ensuite with pull-outs ingeniously designed to stow away countertop clutter. Warm-toned cabinets infuse the space with a welcoming glow, creating a bright, inviting ambiance and adding to the overall spa-like atmosphere.


The playful energy of the client’s two boys is captured in a vibrant pop of deep blue, injecting vitality into the aesthetic. The linen storage provides much-needed practical organization and serves as a grounding element, anchoring with its clean lines.

With its chamfered detail, the shaker-style door offers easy maintenance for the busy family. Simple yet sophisticated mixed metals, such as matte black and nickel hardware, add a modern edge, character and depth. This delicate balance between tradition and contemporary flair makes these bathrooms genuinely unique. Together, these elements harmonize tradition with contemporary flair, creating bathroom oases that are functional yet stylish.


Rosemary Bathroom
Courcelette Bathroom


Earthy tones create a serene transformation

The goal was to create a refined blend of earthiness and sophistication for this ensuite renovation. Neutral tones whisper serenity to create this modern private sanctuary. The vertical reeded door style design, alongside traditional face frame construction, lends a timeless elegance to the cabinetry, while custom-stained white oak imbues warmth and character into every corner. 

Courcelette Bathroom

An orchestrated dance of mixed metals, with a harmonious blend of ivory and brass hardware, creates a playful dynamic of colour and infuses the space with an extra dose of refinement. 

The tallboy cabinet elevates functionality without compromising style, offering additional storage, a clean, clutter-free look, and practicality integrated into the space.

The earthy-inspired design and contemporary elements blend into a beautiful sanctuary of timeless elegance.

Courcelette Bathroom
Deborah Bathroom
Deborah Bathroom


Modern spa-like retreat

The vision for this bathroom was a spa-like retreat with clean lines and warm tones. This custom, white oak vanity was designed to purposefully draw attention to the natural light coming in through the window, creating a spacious feeling.
We subtly maximized organizational space with face-frame doors and European-style cabinetry that achieve the modern look the homeowners longed for.

Lloyminn Bathroom


Beauty meets function

The high contrast of black hardware against the warm, white cabinetry completes the modern look of this bathroom, where design meets function.
Created for the entire household, we crafted unique footstools for the double vanity to make life easier for the smallest members of the family.
Positioned by each sink, the footstools are cleverly incorporated into the base of the vanity and pull out when needed – maximizing space and reducing floor clutter!

Lloyminn Bathroom
Lloyminn Bathroom


Space-saving, furniture-style vanity

Space is at a premium in this ensuite, so we designed a furniture-style vanity with soft close, U-shaped drawers to maximize storage and create a spacious feel.
Our design team used colour-matching technology to ensure the vanity showcases the perfect tones to highlight the magnificent gold hardware.
The effect is an opulent and visually stunning design that capitalizes on space and natural light. 



Modern, floating vanity

Young professionals with young children, these homeowners were looking to revitalize their ensuite.
The modern floating vanity was made using white oak and includes under-cabinet lighting, backlit mirrors, and soft-close drawers, which are standard on every drawer and cupboard we craft.
We added a unique, flexible space between the mirrors that can be used for storage or as a decorative display.

English Church Bathroom
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